About Us


Incredible growth: a timeline

Our facilitation and speed are what led us towards many expansions with a clear roadmap towards success through every bit of the way.

BM Coaches

Started a venture to better organize for a coach operations. Made a strategy that ranked the coach transportation as a partner in the journey.


Own Make

The growing company adopted external tracking equipment that is required for any vehicle for safety and real-time footage purposes.


Revo Recruitment

Identifying the challenging and rewarding roles required for various industries including some for our own, took a step further to offer jobs.


Revo Vehicle Services

Takes notice of need to fix coaches, vehicles & cater keep them rolling, hence invested in garage services.



Armed with capital, the company officially makes a step towards providing chauffeur-driven coach and minibus rental services.



Inspired by need for travel & tourism in country, expanded business further marking it as one-stop sport for all transport & travel requirements.


Purpose-driven investment organization with a consistent investment performance across multiple geographies, sectors, and strategies.

BBK manages and advises a range of specialized investment sectors and any other investment transport friendly businesses that invest across the world with the mission to generate attractive returns and future-proof companies.

BBK’s well-established platform, ability to generate consistent attractive returns and long term relationships with investors, and its unique culture, values, and brand, have enabled BBK to raise billions of commitments since inception.

Identify and capture value-creating opportunities as well as mitigate relevant risks and remain relevant, successful, whilst being part of the regenerative solutions needed for the future.